Da Rays, Magic Number 3

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     Yesterday, I did a post about what the St. Petersburg Times called "improbably".

     The Tampa Bay Rays, after 11 losing seasons, finally stepped up to the plate and is now a contender for the upcoming Major League Baseball Playoffs. Yes, after 11 seasons, the Tampa Bay Rays are in 1st Place, and any combination of 3 wins by the Rays, or 3 loses by the Red Sox, the Tampa Bay Rays will clinch their Divisional Title.

    In recent days, I read about the Cubs; again Congrats to them. And the Yankees, being eliminated from a possible wildcard slot with Boston's win last night, and the end of their era with their last game played at Yankee Stadium, (they move into a Billion Dollar Stadium next year). None of these compares to the fever that has caught the Tampa Bay area by storm.

    Fans are purchasing RAYS merchandise faster than the BUCS. Traditional haircuts are now Mohawks, after several Rays players. Let's hope that this fever continues, and the Rays make it to the World Series, and WIN. Imagine how this area will celebrate that win.


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