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When we talk with investors considering using their retirement accounts, we refer them to Equity Trust Company because of their high level of customer service and reasonable fees.  It might seem that a company with the level of their customer service would charge high fees, but not Equity Trust Company.  They are fees are very competitive and easy to understand.  Maybe the biggest difference from other companies is that ETC doesn't charge transaction processing fees. 

Although these might seem rather low, for those who actively invest in new assets and move money around these fees add up quick. Many companies have different fees for the purchase and sale of an asset; while Equity Trust has the same fee for both activities: $0. The company also takes no check charges, document safekeeping fees, or asset administration fees, making things simple and saving clients' money at the same time. There is no reason to waste money on self-interested companies with complex fee structures; Equity Trust is there to help the client at the lowest price while providing top notch service.

There are lots of reasons why it is preferable to rollover a 401(k) and other types of retirement savings account into a self-directed IRA.  However, even after a person decides to take the step, many questions come-up that need to be answered with professional help. There are many companies out there competing for IRA clients, but Equity Trust Company ranks up there among the best.

The main difference between a regular IRA account and a self-directed is that there isn't anyone to make all the choices for the account holder. The person who holds the account is required to have a custodian to ensure that the account adheres to all federal regulations and codes, but isn't allowed, by law, to actually give advice on any investments. It is essential to have a custodian who is professional and can guide the client through each step of the process. Equity Trust Company, founded in 1974, has over 34 years of experience in the area and its clients are well taken care of by people who know their job inside out.

The company has 170 highly trained specialists to serve their clients across the United States, managing approximately $3 billion in IRA assets. Based on their figures, 92% of their clients say they are likely to refer friends and family to the company. The company also provides 24-hour access to the company's online account management tool. The abundance of staff ensures quick turnaround times so that investments are never delayed.

Equity Trust Company is there to make things as easy and simple as possible, providing their clients with professional advisers to help maintain accounts yet charge the competitive prices, without sacrificing their high level of service and client satisfaction.

For more information about self-directed IRA investing, contact Paul Surles at 913-266-5847, e-mail at Paul@MetroREOSales.com, visit www.MetroREOSales.com.  There is a free report about self-directed IRA investing on the website.