Persistence and Patience in Real Estate

Real Estate Agent with Broker, Realror, ABR at Prudential C. Dan Joyner

I never thought I would be using persistence and patience in the same sentence. I am learning that it takes a lot of both to make it in the real estate business. As I sit here negotiating an offer I am having to exercise a lot of patience to get calls returned. You know the deal--offer--counter offer--counter the counter offer! Oh well--all I can hope is that in the end it all pays off. I think that is what makes being a realtor more exciting. Every day is a new day and it's not the same old boring job. It is definitely a learning experience every day of your career. I am probably a little better with the patience  than the persistence  on the listing side, however if you are my buyer the persistent side comes out. I definitely am not a pushy realtor but believe in working for my client to get the deal done.

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