Why Women Should Vote

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Seems like many have an excuse for not voting - 'my candidate is not winning in the polls, so why bother?', 'no one stands for all the issues that I feel are important, so I'll not vote', 'my vote doesn't really count, the decision is made before I even have a chance to get to the polls!'    There's MANY excuses for NOT voting but lets all remember what our ancestors before us did to make voting a RIGHT, not an option or a chore as so many make it today....especially the women's right to vote.




This is the story of our Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers; many of them lived just 90 years ago.





Remember, it was not until 1920 that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote.



The women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking for the vote.



And by the end of the night, they were barely alive. Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden's blessing went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of 'Obstructing Sidewalk Traffic.'




They beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above her head and left her hanging for the night, bleeding and gasping for air.











They hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron bed and knocked her out cold. Her cell mate, Alice Cosu, thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack. Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing, dragging, beating, choking, slamming, pinching, twisting and kicking the women.



Thus unfolded the 'Night of Terror' - November 15, 1917, when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered his guards to teach a lesson to the suffragists imprisoned there because they dared to picket Woodrow Wilson's White House for the right to vote.

For weeks, the women's only water came from an open pail. Their food--all of it colorless slop--was infested with worms.




When one of the leaders, Alice Paul, embarked on a hunger strike, they tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat and poured liquid into her until she vomited. She was tortured like this for weeks until word was smuggled out to the press.





So, refresh my memory. Some women (and men) won't vote this year because- -why, exactly? We have carpool duties? We have to get to work? Our vote doesn't matter? We have other things to do? It's raining? 


With 'early voting' and with the polls open from 7am to 7pm on election day - there is really NO reason NOT to vote.  Get out and make YOUR vote count on November 4.




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Toni M. Rose
Prudential C. Dan Joyner Realtors - Easley, SC
Easley SC Real Estate

Mary, thank you so much for posting this. I recieved it in an email a long time ago and shared it with all my email list, but didn't think to put it on here. We should be ashamed if we don't vote when these ladies risk, and some gave, their lives for our right to take part in our countrys' decision making. I hoe all will take this to heart in Nov.  

Sep 27, 2008 12:43 PM
Sara Homan
Coldwell Banker Ellison Realty 352-209-4044 - Ocala, FL
Realtor, Homes, Farms & 55+


I completely agree!

More than that though is that we don't need a woman hater, mother/grandmother hater. in the White House.  I guess that issue doesn't matter as much to some men.

Sep 27, 2008 12:55 PM
Tammy Lankford,
Lane Realty Eatonton, GA Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, 706-485-9668 - Eatonton, GA
Broker GA Lake Sinclair/Eatonton/Milledgeville

Mary, what an important reminder on this post.  I was very proud to know the first woman to register to vote in the county where I was born, raised and by choice still live.  She passed away in 1979, but she was legend, a true role model  and a huge influence on me.  I would never stay away from the polls.  And I've taught my daughter the same.

And thank you so much for your comment on my post about my daughter.  We are very close.

Sep 27, 2008 01:06 PM
Marchel Peterson
Results Realty - Spring, TX
Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro

Mary, what a wonderful post.  It is such a privilege to be able to vote.  I have voted in every election since I was able to vote.  I even vote in the small elections. 

Sep 27, 2008 01:20 PM
Bill Gillhespy
16 Sunview Blvd - Fort Myers Beach, FL
Fort Myers Beach Realtor, Fort Myers Beach Agent - Homes & Condos

Evening Mary,  I have never heard this story before !  Why no coverage ?  I hope a lot of women ( and men ) read this !

Sep 27, 2008 01:23 PM
Gary Woltal
Keller Williams Realty - Flower Mound, TX
Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth

Mary, great history on women and voting. Women SHOULD vote because they are over half the population. Their voice needs to be well represented.

Sep 27, 2008 03:56 PM
Susan Peters
Dove Realty Inc. - Seattle, WA
The Better it Looks the Better it Sells

Hi Mary,

What poignant and powerful post! Voting is not only a right but a privilege and a sacred duty.

Sep 27, 2008 04:53 PM
Lenn Harley
Lenn Harley, Homefinders.com, MD & VA Homes and Real Estate - Leesburg, VA
Real Estate Broker - Virginia & Maryland

Even if I know that my candidate will not win, I still vote.  The reason is simple.  I don't want the person I didn't vote for to get more of a margin (mandate) than necessary.


Sep 27, 2008 11:40 PM
Ted Baker
Carmody and Associates LLC - Winter Haven, FL

applauseI like it !

Thanks, Mary, for the reminder of the history of the vote for Women. 

Of course, we all enjoy the rights and priviledges of citizenship in America that have been bought and paid for by the sacrifices of others over the past several hundred years. 

But we all need to be reminded from time to time.

Sep 27, 2008 11:55 PM