Cash is King!

Mortgage and Lending with Trust One Mortgage/Luxury Lending, Corp.

Liquidity is the new Luxury! Lenders don't want your cash hanging on your walls or around your wives/husbands neck. And all over the country, re-sellers of luxury goods from art to Birkin bags are seeing the exact same thing: wealthy consumers, once conspicuous in their consumption, are not just scaling back their spending, but parting with some of their priciest assets for cash. That's good news for anyone in the luxury-goods resale market.
Only months ago was it the Mortgage Broker cashing in their luxury items, today it's the Wall Street executive. Those that stayed liquid know the worth of their dollar and those who did not, know it even more.

Cash is king! Lenders such as ourselves could care less about what a private enterprise says your "Credit Profile" looks like, we are underwriting based upon LIQUIDITY! No cash = no loan!

Builders, Developers, Realtors... Unless they have 50% of the loan amount in liquid cash, they MUST go full doc and even when 50% liquid, case by case.

We're heading into ugly times, but beware that for every dollar lost, someone else is gaining that dollar.

Good luck to all!

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