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What is the President and Congress going to do with our country?

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Last night the President spoke about our critical financial situation.....I don't know how everyone at Dreamfinders Real Estate Group in Easley feels about this, but I personally think we are in for a serious ride for revamping our economy....

My feelings are that the mortage companies that loaned the money to qualified applicants should have really made them understand what all was involved with taking out a loan for a home they knew that they could not afford.  It has been easier in the past to get a loan, but for the current generation it appears it is going to be very tough, and I don't feel that is right!  They need a opportunity to be able to own a home if they so desire.  Those of us that have paid our mortgage payments on time (even though it might have been hard some of the time due to the unexpected), we should NOT have to pay back money to our government to help bail out those that did not think everything through before they got that loan.