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Joe's Ice Cream Parlor

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I am sure that everybody in Easley, SC and surrounding towns has heard of Joe's Ice Cream Parlor?  If you have not, then you are missing out!  Joe's was formerly known as " The Easley Ice Cream Parlor", and then Joe Lesley bought it and the name changed to "Joe's Ice Cream Parlor". 

My husband worked at Joe's as a young high school student needing to make some money!  I even worked at Joe's one summer in high school!  In fact a lot of Easley High School students have worked at Joe's.  Have you ever worked at Joe's?

Joe's is famous for his "hotdogs"!  They are so good, and the chili has the best taste!!!  I am getting hungry just thinking about the hot dogs!

Dreamfinders Real Estate Group, in Easley is located about two blocks from Joe's Ice Cream Parlor.  When you get through eating your hotdogs at Joe's, come on down the road and stop in for a visit to our office at Dreamfinders Real Estate Group.  We look forward to seeing you really soon!

Roger McGaha

I'm sitting here in Orange Park Florida thinking of what to fix for lunch today and the thought of Joe's hotdogs and Easley came rushing in. I have been around the world twice and have never found any place that could come close to Joe's. Thanks for the memories, now it's time for a non-Joe's hotdog.

Feb 15, 2009 11:29 PM