Optimism In Marquette County!

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"Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress."

 Nicholas Murray Butler


If you know me, you know my glass is always half full. But I will admit that the continual media bombardment of doom and gloom has started to empty my glass. But after spending a few days in Detroit (no I will never like or be positive about the city of Detroit) at the Michigan Association of REALTORS® annual convention, I was pleased to be among so many positive people. Instead of a gloom and doom attitude, most of the attendees and speakers were excited about the positive attributes that Michigan has.

This week in Marquette, I have seen several purchase agreements written on commercial properties. Along with the hint (or some days scream) of fall in the air, there is a sense of anticipation of an economy turning in the right direction. In doing my research, I spoke with Dale Hemmila District Manager-Public Affairs
Cliffs Michigan Mining Company and I felt my positive outlook grow. This is what the company says about pellet production.

"In addition to the capital investment, maximizing pellet production will increase Michigan employment.  Projections call for adding approximately 375 new employees.  This plan also means retention of the current Empire workforce of approximately 550 employees.  That is a total of approximately 925 jobs, which will be created or retained with the implementation of this plan"

The company is also involved with biomass fuel.

"Renewafuel, a subsidiary of Cleveland-Cliffs Inc (NYSE: CLF) announced today its plans to build a next-generation biomass fuel production facility at the Telkite Technology Park located at Sawyer Airport near Marquette, Michigan.  At full production the plant could produce 150,000 tons per year of high-energy, low-emission biofuel cubes from a composite of sustainably collected wood and agricultural feedstocks including wood waste, corn stalks, grasses and energy crops."

So if you know any engineers who want to live in Marquette County they have a place to apply!


My question to you today is what do you see as the most positive aspect in Marquette's economy?

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Walt Fish
Bay Area Home Inspection, LLC - Marquette, MI
Upper Michigan's Most Experienced Home Inspector

You hit it square on the head already Stephanie...it is JOBS! Upper Michigan does have a high unemployment rate statistically...actually the whole state does. Still, Marquette County has a number of economic developments underway as well as the infrastructure to support a growing work base. In my view, Marquette and the surrounding communities are a great place to put down roots, find a career position and enjoy many benefits smaller communities enjoy, while at the same time, earning a great living with reasonable costs of living.

I would also point out (as a MTU Alumni) the abundance of engineers that will be graduating in the spring...some will chose to locate in Marquette.

I also keep my glass at least half full...easier to sip from....mineral water only :)



Oct 21, 2008 12:56 PM