Real Estate Sales Representative with Westwood Metes & Bounds


I love what I do. I think it is so multi -faceted. I market a service and a product, I counsel my clients(and sometimes hold their hand, children, pets and relatives through times like these), I continue to educate myself in such area as web technology, mold remediation etc. but best of all----I GET TO GO TO TAG SALES. That's right, tag sales, garage sales, whatever you want to call it. A placed where my clients, who have now successfully sold their home, can gather up years of collections, what not's, want nots, and various other sundries, bag em tag em and present them to garage sale maniac's like myself.

This Saturday September 27, 2008 , my clients are having a tag sale at 340 South Mountain Road in Gardiner New York from 10-4. My clients have never had a garage sale before. I am a tag sale professional, so I offer my services(free to my clients) to coordinate this fun event. I go on to tell them EVERYTHING they will ever need to know on how to run a successful tag sale. I advise them of the tag sale maniacs who will call them, show up three days earlier than the sale begging them to get a look at the antiques they might have because on the day of the sale these same people will be working(it's Saturday, are they really working or are they antique dealers in disguise). They make a list of all they are willing to part with, come up with reasonable prices so as not to have a thing left at the end of the sale, put an ad in the paper and on Craig's list and we are ready. This will happen rain or shine as it is inside their lovely home which, by the way, sold in about 10 days of listing it. Not bad in a market such as we have right now. I must say, that this house was a gift. From the moment I walked in I thought,how lucky am I to get this lovely home as a listing. So, how lucky am I? I get to do what I love to do, I get first pick of the "stuff" my clients are selling and my clients get to go on their next adventure. I am a happy camper.

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