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Sun City Hilton Head Activities

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In Sun City, about 2/3rds of the residents are retired. But, I gotta tell ya, they are not sitin' home watchin' the tube and eatin' Twinkies: They are OUT having FUN.

Sun City does have a number of people who are also single. There are ways for singles to meet each other through clubs, and events.  These activities offer an opportunity to go on a date without breaking the bank! Same goes for those who are married.

Here are some examples of monthly activities in Sun City Hilton Head

Sun City Hilton Head has it's own Activities Department: This is from their web page:

"We are a multi-faceted department. We book all of the Sun City Hilton Head facilities. We also coordinate, manage and promote all community-wide events (such as the Easter Egg Hunt, the Fourth of July Fireworks Cookout and Celebration, Kid's Days and the upcoming Summer Pool Parties). We work with all of the Chartered Clubs and we help residents establish new Clubs. Last, but not least, we seek out, interview, plan and host all special events, to include performers, musicians, and seminars that occur here at Sun City Hilton Head."

Below are some typical examples of special events held in Sun City Hilton Head on a regular basis.

Moive ReelMovie Night 

"Arctic Tale"

Set in the vast snow kingdom at the top of the world, Arctic Tale is a real-life adventure from the people who brought you March of the Penguins....

Popcorn is free. Soda and beer are $1       

Tickets on sale $2 with Activity Card



Musical Events 

The Swingin' Medallions is a high energy party band that includes eight members with at least four horns. Wine $2, Beer $1, Soft Drinks & Water $1

 Block Parties 

It's Block Party Time with the "The Headliners"

Let's get together under the stars at the Pavilion for a great evening! Whether your preference is Big Band, the Classic 50's and 60's rock and roll, beach music, Motown, disco hits from the 70's to hits from the 90's, get ready to dance! Bring your chairs and snacks.

Wine $2, Beer $1, Soft drinks & Water $17 pm, Pavilion
$4 with activity card

Jaguars Football Group     Trips

These are examples of some  the  match-ups:   Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills- Bus Trip--Bus arrives 8:30 am, departs 9 am, British Open Pub lower parking lot Sunday, September 14, game starts at 1 pm, Jacksonville Municipal Stadium Early Ticket Sales 

 Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns - Bus Trip
Sunday, October 26, games starts at 4 pm, Jacksonville Municipal Stadium
Bus arrives 11 am, departs 11:30 am, British Open Pub lower parking lot
Early Ticket Sales August 1
$80 with activity card, 56 tickets available 


man woman

Broadway's Phantom of the Opera, comes to Sun City for an intimate evening of songs from the world of Broadway and Cabaret.  His concert will feature an eclectic set of songs, well-known hits, and not so well-known songs, which range from the heartfelt to the hilarious. Join Cris and Sue after the performance for a complimentary cup of coffee.

Wine $2, Beer $1, Soft Drinks & Water $1

Baseball  Select Team vs. Sand Gnats  Sun City Select Teams vs. Sand Gnats.

 Sun City Select Team have played the Savannah Sand Gnats front office personnel (many of whom are ex-college players, etc) at Sun City.


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