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"The Best things to do While Visiting the Hawaiian Islands"

By Sally Cheeseman




Honolulu CountyALOHA! Welcome to Our World..... A PARADISE awaits you!

Seems like everyone wants to visit Honolulu, Hawaii at one point in their life.Why? Ahhhhh...the tropical breezes in balmy weather looking up at sunny blue skies in a land of paradise. Typically, the imagery in a ones mind who has not ever stepped foot on our fine grains of sand splattered on beaches lining the edges of our islands is one of a continuous 'ancient era'.

Running barefoot on the beaches where my grass shack residence surely lay, I have endless days of sipping Mai Tai drinks with the little umbrellas poked through the slivers of pineapple slices that adorn the edge of the glass. Zap! There were no grass shacks along Waikiki beach although there were hotels and buildings that were reaching towards the skies to accomodate the tourists that arrived each day to enjoy our island paradise.

So....what is one to do while visiting Honolulu, Hawaii? What kind of interests are there for the person or families that are Relocating to Honolulu, Hawaii

  • My first suggestion for ALL who visit, reside and retire in Honolulu, Hawaii is to first soak in all the history that you are able. The rich history of ancient warriors, many heiau (hey ee ow..... temples), and lore that adorn every inch of our island is something you will remember for years to come. It will give you insight on the diversity of our islands.  The history will tell you how it came about that we have so many ethinicities that make up our ever changing population. Read more here: Downtown Honolulu's Historic Sites and Points of Interest 
  • Sightseeing! Drive around the island and catch all the sites! From beaches, to caves to botanical gardens and to the Dole Plantation on the way to the North Shore (famous Surfing area) there are many wonderful sites for pictures worth a thousand words. READ MORE HERE ABOUTCruising Around the Island and more history here: The Legend of Makua Cave: Northwest Coast of Oahu, Hawaii
  • Plan on flying to one or two of the other islands too!  We flew to Kauai in May 2008 and I hadn't been there for quite a MANY years. READ MORE ABOUT ONE PART OF MY TRIP HERE:  Waimea Canyon on Kauai - It Took My Breath Away....Literally  (there is also a short video for you to Honolulu County-Waikikiexperience!) Kauai is known as the Garden Isle and Mt. Waialea on Kauai is the 'wettest spot in the world'!
  • How about going to some places around the Waikiki, Diamond Head area? the Honolulu Zoo, the Waikiki Aquarium and Diamond Head Crater are all around the same vicinity and The Bus (click for info) system here is great to travel around from site to site.
  • Entertainment, Shopping & Food!:
    • The Star of Honolulu has many different DINNER SHOW PACKAGES to pick from. So, remember, you don't have to be a tourist to go out and enjoy the finer things while in Hawaii!
    • Hawaii's Whale Watching Tours (In spiritual Hawaiian custom the Whales are the essense of the ocean) and Swim with the Dolphins (Sea Life Park) 
    • Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park!  Now this is a place to go for the whole family.  (provided you love to get wet!) 25 acres of speed and shotgun slides, the Cliffhanger, Water playground, Keiki (children's) cove, picnics, and more!  Just make reservations and they will do all the planning and coordinating for you!  All you have to do is show up and have fun! There are also volleyball courts, lawn games, dunk tank, horse shoe pits, private pavilions for you and your family. Weddings? No problem!
    • Aloha Stadium Swap Meet and the Pearlridge Kam Swap Meet are great places for outdoor shopping for souvenirs, clothing, polynesian style crafts and much more. Way cheaper than buying in Waikiki that's for sure! Open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
    • RESTAURANT'S CYBERGUIDE is a full on guide of all restaurants on all islands in Hawaii that were recognized and most of them received awards.  So, with all the information I have given you all week you can add this one to it.  You can add this article to your list for planning your trip (or relocating) to Hawaii along with the foods you're going to try as soon as you get here!
    • LOCAL KINE RECIPES has an abundance of receipes you may want to try before you even get here!
  • BOTANICAL GARDENS:  For the lover of plants, trees, bushes and an abundance of natures creations try the Foster Botanical Gardens right in downtown Honolulu and is in the National Register of Historical Places. Other Botanical Gardens on Oahu are:Ho`omaluhia Botanical GardenKoko Crater Botanical Garden,Lili`uokalani Botanical Garden , Wahiawa Botanical Garden

Please pay particular attention to yours and your family's safety:




It's not easy moving across the Pacific Ocean and purchasing your Hawaii Home;

let alone to a totally different "world" of people.

But you can do it with a little effort, motivation and a great Realtor®!

If you're Relocating to Hawaii (regardless if it's near future or just wanting to be proactive for the future) contact me to get started with your search for Hawaii Homes for Sale.



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