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ZIP Code: 07738

Approximate Location Boundaries:Lincroft, a section of Middletown Township, NJ

Location Characteristics:Tucked in the Southern section of Middletown Township, Lincroft can be approached from the South at Garden State parkway Exit 109, or from the North at Garden State Parkway 114. Lincroft has it's own Elementary School and nearby highly ranked Thompson Middle School and Middletown South High School. Also home to Brookdale Community College which offers two-year degrees in more than 50 areas of study.

Lincroft also is home to several parks, including West Front Street Park, which borders Red Bank, and Monmouth County's 665-acre Thompson Park, which features a lake for canoeing and kayaking, tennis courts, paved and unpaved trails and a host of other recreational facilities. Lincroft has it's own town center as well - restaurants, fitness, grocery, butcher and specialty shops are in a convenient Village environment.
Close to the bustle of the Red Bank downtown, nearby beaches and easy access to NYC - Lincroft offers the best of all worlds.



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