Towsley Canyon: The Perfect Family Hike

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I've found that there are few things as nourishing for my soul as a long walk with my kids.

A hike through nature is even better.

Here's the thing though, I have 6 kids. Five of my kids are under seven years old and three are under four. So, taking them all on hikes is not always an option. Hiking trails aren't always stroller friendly. :)

But Towsley Canyon, located just off the Calgrove Exit on I-5 is a close as you can get to the perfect family hiking spot. Since the kids were out of school, I took three of them on a 2 hour journey that made their day and mine as well.

Is it really ok for smaller children?

In a word, yes. My hiking buddies today were 7, 6 and 4 and we hiked up and back for almost two hours. Sure there were a few spills and a bit of whining from the four year old, but not enough of either to say it was unpleasant. They were giddy for most of the journey.

Bonus: I think my seven year old finally learned the meaning of "time sure flies when you're having fun." He couldn't believe we had been there for two hours. As a parent, there's just not a whole lot better. 

If you take the valley loop and stay to the left, just past the fork that would take you into a steep climb, there is a hill that my kids love to climb. It's soft dirt and vines. My big thrill is watching them struggle to make it to the top, but they might say the slide down is where the real joy lies.

I recommend this hike for everyone.

It's just challenging enough to make it interesting and NOT too challenging for the little ones.

Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon

24255 The Old Road, Newhall, CA  91321

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Sarah Cooper
Real Estate Shows - Hurricane, WV

Gorgeous show!  The panoramas looked great, too.  (Thanks for teaching me that!)  Looks like you and the kids had a wonderful day.  I feel like I got to have a little walk myself after viewing your show.  We have a dusting of snow on the ground here.  Your pics are SO different!

I've had lots of people asking about my "book thing"!  I'm having fun with it, and always give you credit.  I saw that you found what book I'm reading now (almost done already, this one's going almost too fast) and I bought one other I saw on your shelf.  I'm sure you'll hear about it later if I like it.  (If I don't like a book, I just tend not to talk about it.) 

Apr 06, 2007 12:45 PM
Mary Pope-Handy
Sereno Group Real Estate - Los Gatos, CA
CRS, CIPS, ABR, SRES, Silicon Valley
Jeff that is so cool. You sound a lot like my husband, who is crazy about hiking in parks where we live - something similar to this one of yours. Great pics. Glad you had a wonderful day!
Apr 06, 2007 12:49 PM
Jeff Turner
RealSatisfied - Santa Clarita, CA

Sarah... thanks. The first pano was done completely in the Kodak v705, the second and third panos were made from one standard photo form the Kodak... using this method here:

I'll await your book reviews!!!

Mary... I love to hike and specifically with my kids. It's so great to have time where we just walk and talk about anything that comes to mind, anything we see. Nothing better! :)

Apr 06, 2007 01:22 PM
Steve Scheer
Realty Oasis - Metro Brokers - Highlands Ranch, CO
Highlands Ranch Real Estate - Denver Real Estate

Jeff, Thanks for showing us yet another way to use your wonderful program.  Now if you could only give me 26 hours in a day, as to 24, I would be able to put together all of the thoughts and ideas I have. 

I love to hike with my kids too.  Nothing quite like finding a stick or rock and having that hang around the house and be the most prized toy there is. 

Apr 06, 2007 01:49 PM
Lola Audu
Lola Audu~Audu Real Estate~Grand Rapids, MI Real Estate - Grand Rapids, MI
Audu Real Estate~Grand Rapids, MI ~Welcome Home!
I remember Sunday afternoon hikes as a kid.  There was a part of me that didn't want to get out, but when I got out into nature, climbing hills & exploring forests, I was always glad I did.  Hiking is a wonderful thing for kids of all ages to experience...including the big, big ones!  It's great to see you making it a family activity and tradition.
Apr 06, 2007 02:34 PM
Deborah Burns ~ Seattle Real Estate Agent
Realty Executives -BRIO - Seattle, WA
Family hikes were always a lot of fun in my family when I was growing up...this was a nice "hike down memory lane"!  Thanks!
Apr 06, 2007 02:59 PM
John Novak
Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace - Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin Real Estate
Hmmm, I may have to check into this video show before anyone else in Las Vegas gets too much of an advantage ... Looks like you had a beautiful day for some great family time. I'm thinking the next step might be geocaching?
Apr 06, 2007 03:18 PM
Sarah Cooper
Real Estate Shows - Hurricane, WV
Jeff, that is BEAUTIFUL!!!  I'm such a nerd ... it's gorgeous!  Imbedded right there in your blog!!!  Seriously, that is AWESOME.  I am a FAN.
Apr 26, 2007 11:06 AM
Jeff Turner
RealSatisfied - Santa Clarita, CA
We're announcing it later today. :)
Apr 26, 2007 12:08 PM
"The Lovely Wife" (Broker Bryantnulls Wife) The One And Only TLW.
President-Tutas Towne Realty, Inc. - Kissimmee, FL

{Hubba SVW}...

Do you have any idea how happy am I right now? Any?

Yah. I sound like you.

You're such an awesome "Tool Boy" ... TF (That's funny)


Apr 26, 2007 12:14 PM
Paul Anyanwu
CRS, SFR, Broker-Salesperson, Sales West Orange,NJ
It is a great thing for the family and children , i do hike with my family it helps bonding with your children i agree it great for your soul as well, thanks Jeff for sharing that with us.
Apr 26, 2007 12:50 PM
Martin Rodriguez
Pacific Funding - Valencia, CA
Senior Loan Consultant


 Thanks for reminding us how easy it is to slow down and get close to nature.  Sure its not Yosemite, but this canyon and many others like it are only minutes away.   I'ts always great to be outdoors.

Love the RE Shows enhancements..


Apr 26, 2007 04:31 PM
Jeff Turner
RealSatisfied - Santa Clarita, CA

TLW [SVW]... as always, happy to be your tool boy.

Paul... in my opinion, nothing beats a family hike for conversation and quality time.

Martin... want the embed code?


May 01, 2007 10:12 AM
Edel Senefeld

How do can we learn on how to do this show?? Please let us know.



May 09, 2007 01:33 AM
Jeff Turner
RealSatisfied - Santa Clarita, CA
Edel... click on the link that says ActivRain Members Discount $99.95 just below my photo and you'll have 30 days to play. I think you'll find to be the simplest "tour" creation tool you've ever used. 
May 09, 2007 01:46 AM
Tim Wade
RE/MAX Realty Champions - Wolfeboro, NH
We really enjoyed this blog!  When we get out the way we will definately take this hike.  Thanks for sharing it with us active rainers.
May 20, 2007 10:44 AM
Jeff Turner
RealSatisfied - Santa Clarita, CA
Tim and Pam... thanks! We hiked Vasquez Rocks yesterday. Wow. Amazing place. It was our first time. Just 30 minutes from Towsley Canyon. I plan on posting about it as well. 
May 21, 2007 01:32 AM