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Framingham restaurants, hotels, and bars have just taken another economic hit..a potential MAJOR hit!

Their potential market has just shrunk by 49 states!

If you don’t have a Massachusetts license, then do not stop in Framingham looking for an alcoholic beverage because out-of-state licenses are no longer considered valid ID, given that local establishments are now operating under a “serve at your own peril” policy which means that out-of-state licenses are not acceptable as proof of age of a patron.

“The new rules aim to tighten up existing regulations, making establishments responsible for serving underage patrons even if they have a non-Massachusetts fake ID saying they are over 21,” according to

The town’s new alcohol serving policy, while basically simply acknowledging the Alcoholic Beverages Commission’s identification criteria, has made some establishments jumpy about potential liability, causing them to reject their patrons out-of-state identification.

Relatives from another state can be dined but not wined.

Business associates from across the country?  How about a soda to go with that prime rib dinner?

Thinking of booking a convention in one of the area hotels? How about ID badges that say “I cannot buy drinks in Framingham?”

Parents from 49 states with kids at Framingham State will not be putting their liquor tab in Framingham’s coffers.

Realtors on the other hand may benefit.

Want to do business in Framingham?  Want to visit your relatives, college students, or tourist attractions in Framingham?  Then buy a house, get a driver’s license, and then we’ll let you buy a drink at a Framingham waterhole!

Framingham will be driving its out-of-state liquor dollars to Natick, Marlboro, Boston, and every other community possible because the licensing board has decided that other states’ licenses aren’t valid.

And in today’s global economy, the message to tourists, businesses, and investors is: No Massachusetts license - No Drinking!

Of course the policy could be changed.  And of course many may think the policy SHOULD be changed.

And while we ALL abhor the myriad problems of underage drinking, and recognize the importance of ensuring that businesses do not serve alcohol to underage customers, perhaps the Framingham Board of Selectmen which acts as the licensing board, will recognize that the problem of underage drinking may not best be served by invalidating legitimate out-of-state licenses.

Word is that the licensing board is already aware that some retooling of the alcohol serving policy may be necessary.

The board next meets on October 2nd.  If you have concerns about this policy and its effect on town revenue, then make your feelings known.

Mark October 2nd on your calendar and help the selectmen refine this policy so that it is not detrimental to legitimate “of age” patrons from other states.





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