Things to Think About When Moving

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Moving can be a very stressful time for a homeowner. If you are selling or moving out of a home you must ensure that all the items are packed and ready to move before the moving truck arrives. Then you have to ensure that the home is cleaned up and presentable for the next homeowners. Sometimes this all happens on the same day. So it is absolutely imperative that the moving truck be ready the day and time you need it.

 The last weekend of the month is the busiest weekend for the truck rental business. People tend to move in and out of rentals and the last Friday of the month is when many house closings happen. So you should always reserve your moving truck as soon as you have a tentative date to move. If you're moving date changes most companies will accommodate your changes. Once you have made the reservation don't wait until the day of your move to find out someone might have forgotten or misplaced your reservation. Call the company 1-2 weeks before the moving date to verify your reservation. I would also recommend that you call the pick up location the morning before your pick up date and make sure they will have a truck for you. If for some reason they don't have a truck this will give them time to find the vehicle you need.

 A couple other things you might consider renting along with the truck are furniture pads or blankets and possibly a hand truck. The pads can be used to protect items from being damaged or scratched. The hand truck can be very useful moving heavy items or stacks of boxes. If you are moving a washed/dryer or any heavy appliances get a hand truck with straps for securing the items.

Hopefully this information is helpful and will allow someone to avoid a very unhappy situation when they use a truck rental company.



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