Still trying to figure out the liquidity crunch and why we need a bailout? Here's some help

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The number of phone calls and emails I receive about the liquidity crunch and the troubled financial markets has continued to pick up.  As an avid reader of both contrarian and main stream press it often difficult to articulate exactly what is happening.  It is especially tough trying to keep it brief and not too technical.

I found a great article that isn't too long and isn't too technical.  John Mauldin, the writer and editor of "Thoughts from the Frontline," recently published an article titled: Who's Afraid of a Big, Bad Bailout?  It can be found at 

It is an open letter to his local Congressman explaining to him why he should support the bailout. I think he hits a homerun with his expaination of the magnitude of the crisis and why the government needs to act. I am not a fan of government handouts and either is Mr. Maudlin. I believe you'll find his argument compelling and informative.  Let me know your thoughts.

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