Property values i\on the Cape in 1956

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In 1956, my dad bought 8 acres of land in Wellfleet about 750 feet back from Cape Cod Bay and built a house on it. The land cost $25/acre. He had a Techbuilt home put on it. That's a company that made modular homes. They brought out the house in sections and built it. He put it under the brow of the hill in the trees where he could see the shore but not be so exposed to weather, everybody seeing it, and to break ins. My dad was a very private person. I'm sure he would shake his head at these blogs and all the stuff that goes on these days. I suppose the house cost maybe $2,000. He was an engineer and very much a handyman, so we put in alll the interior walls and shelves and plumbing and everything. What an investment If you can calculate enjoyment-hour/dollar spent, the number would approach infiinty. If only I could have done so much for my kids.

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