BOK, Downtown Tulsa and The Spirit Event Center, Bixby OK

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The BOK center opened up this summerhopefully revitalizing downtown Tulsa!  I personally have been to a few events and Tulsa seems alive!  Thousands of people walking around downtown, eating, drinking, spending money, and enjoying Tulsa.  It is amazing, you must attend one of the many events that are coming to town at the BOK center and experience it for yourself!  Besides the BOK center there are many new businesses and real estate iimprovements coming very soon to add to our total downtown package.  How about down south?

The Spirit Event Center is packing in the venue's as well in Bixby.  We needed something down south.  I can see south county growing very quickly.  Riverwalk is expanding, there is a huge development going in on the south side of the Jenks bridge, The Spirit Event Center and Bixby shopping, development of 151st in Bixby, Glenpool, we are on fire Tulsa! 

Our economy is doing well in Oklahoma while other states around the nation are suffering.  We can hold strong with our energy and manufacturing driving our economy.  Stay positive and optomistic and keep investing your future in Tulsa! 

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The BOK arena looks great, the Spirit Event Center in Bixby a nice smaller venue, and the Jenks Riverwalk is growing. Not to mention the lovely Cherokee Casino Resort and Hotel in Catoosa. Go Tulsa!!

Sep 30, 2008 06:00 PM