Has anyone used Mobile Marketing for their listings?

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Subway, Coke, McDonald's, Nike, BMW and others are using Mobile Marketing as a tool to reach out to growing market of cell phone users through Text Messaging.  Basically, consumers opt-in by Texting a Keyword to a short code (5 or 6 digits) and they then receive coupons, discounts, etc. sent to their cell phones.  This is becoming huge for many of these companies.

A very similar service now exists for Real Estate Agents where they display a sign rider on their listing with a property code and interested home buyers text this keyword to a short code and receive property info and photos on their cell phones.  At the same time, the listing agent receives that person's phone number and they can call them to provide more details or schedule a showing - it's instantly creating a lead.  It saves the hassle of flyer boxes and needing to keep them filled and not knowing who is taking them.

My question is - is or has anyone used this type of service and what type of results or feedback do you have?  I heard that many Prudential Agents were using it, but haven't been able to find any in this area.

I look forward to your response.

Thank You

Fred Light
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I'm very curious as to your response to this as well, as I have been looking into this for my customers.  I know that text messaging is VERY big, but I wonder if it is actually working for real estate.  I think the concept is terrific, and there are several companies that are offering a product like this right now.

I recently was in an urban park in Boston, and there was a huge sign at the entrance to the park where you could text a code to the city and get a list of events and concerts that were taking place in that park.

I think it's BRILLIANT, but I know I'm always on the bleeding edge... Hell, I was trying to sell realtors websites in 1997, when most people had typewriters on their desk and slammed their doors in my face making me feel like an idiot....  I was doing single property websites for some realtors in 2001 when most people didn't even HAVE a website... and have been doing video tours for almost 4 years!  I'm always a few years early on everything, and I have a feeling this is one of those things... but hopefully not!

Sep 29, 2008 03:01 AM
Steve Mangus
not active - Oklahoma City, OK

Very interesting. I'm anxious to see the feedback you get on this. I'm also wondering how much it costs.

Sep 29, 2008 04:00 AM