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Top 5 Reasons to Perform a Home Inspection
#5   Saves You Time.
A home inspection will saves endless hours of investigating the critical structure and systems of your new home. Plus, most homeowners are not properly trained to perform a thorough investigation and evaluation. Our inspectors know what to look for and clearly explain any issues discovered.
#4   Saves You Money.
A home inspection can save you thousands of dollars on repairs that could have been caught in advance.  Inspecting a property before it goes on the market can put more money in a sellers' pocket.  Having a home inspected before closing can save the buyer money by knowing conditions up front.
#3   Provides Peace of Mind.
A home inspection provides peace of mind that a highly qualified and trained professional has reviewed the critical structural and mechanical systems of the home prior to closing. 
Having a home inspected in advance of closing saves buyers time, money and future headaches.
#2   Protects Your Investment.
A home is the #1 investment and single largest purchase most people will ever make.  As such, protecting this investment from unknown problems is a critical part of the home buying process.  According to industry surveys, 97% of buyers who received a home inspection felt it was a good value and an important part of the home buying experience.
#1   Win - Win for Everyone.
A home inspection offers two things:
1.  It uncovers issues that concern health, safety and major expense to repair or replace.
2.  It confirms the condition of the home prior to buying or selling.


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