Does your agent practice "Black Belt Negotiating"?

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I read an article in the Broker Agent News today written by Michael Soon Lee, that talked about questions to ask your agent to see how strong a negotiator they would be when presenting your offer to purchase a home. Being a 2Nd degree real life black belt, I found the analogy quite interesting. Here are the hypothetical questions they posed:

1."What information do we need before making an offer and how would you get it?"
2."What's your experience with negotiating?" (You want someone who negotiates every chance he or she gets whether it's a large or small purchase.)
3."What's your philosophy of negotiating?" (If the answer is "win-win" find another agent!
4."Do you prefer to present offers in-person or send them in?
5."How can we make sure the seller responds to our offer right away?"
6."When you sit down with the seller what's the first thing you do?" (If the answer is "I pull out the contract" keep interview agents. You want someone who knows that closing a deal begins with build a relationship.)
7."How can you tell if the seller immediately likes or dislikes our offer?"
8."How would you react if the seller gives us a full price counter-offer?"
9."What would you do if the seller asks for something additional after the contract has been signed?"
10."If the we were five hundred dollars apart from having a ratified contract what would you do?" (If the answer is, "I'd give it to you from my commission" find another agent. Anyone who cannot negotiate their own fee will have difficulty protecting your interests.)

So when hiring your next agent find our if they are a Black Belt Negotiator.

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