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Have you ever played the game Where's Waldo?  I always think of search engines when I see a child playing Where's Waldo.  Your website is much like the small Waldo character out there in the world wide web.  People are trying to find your site but can't see the forest for the trees.  In some cases, your website may not even be on the page if it is not listed by the search engines.  Submitting your website to the search engines, specifically google and yahoo, is very important and it is easy and free.  Those two search engines cover over half of all client searches on the internet.  Some Real Estate Website Companies like PropertyMinder, Inc. do this for you at no extra cost.  But being in the search engines is only a small part of the search engine optimization equation.  Off site links, like business directories, that point back at your website are very important too.  Today, I'd like to tell you the three directory services I like to use.  Think of this as three large people on our Where's Waldo page that are pointing at Waldo.

My first choice is Google.  Being listed in Google's Local Business Center is easy to do, but not easy to find.  When searching for terms in Google such as 'Realtor Milpitas', you will see the regular listings that you always do, but you will also see a small map and a small list of Realtors that are listed in Google's business center.  Clicking on these will take you directly to those Realtor's websites.  Getting into this directory means that you have to create a free Google account and add yourself in.  Google will verify you via a phone call or post card.  Once verified, you usually show up in a couple of days to a week.  This listing is editable so you will be able to make changes later if any of your information needs updating.

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