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Now more than ever buyers and sellers of real estate need to hold the companies and the agents that represent those companies, feet to the fire when it comes to representation. With the real estate markets struggling people need to squeeze the most out of their investments. The biggest investment for most people is their home; an investment of money and life. People need to work professionals that are capable to optimize their results and meet their expectations.

Buyer's agents should be able to explain a Buyer Brokerage completely and clearly and why it is an advantage for all. People need to know that the agent with whom they may choose to work, will work for them. This is not to say they will buy their dream home for a song, but, to find a house that fits their criteria paying a price based on its location, maintenance, upgrades and the quality of them, and how much it feels like home to them.
Today's technologies allow clients to oversee how their agent/company will handle them and the deal of their life.

Their agent should be able to explain to them every aspect of a Purchase and Sales Agreement and how it can be structured to optimize their expectations. Explanations should be conversationally delivered not with "bumper sticker salesmanship" jargon. 

Sellers need to work with agents and companies that can explain every aspect of a Listing Contract and a Purchase and Sales Agreement. Today's technologies allow clients to oversee how their agent/company will handle the marketing and sale of their home.

People should work with agents that are business people with even temperament, good negotiating skills and that have the experience and understanding (they do not necessarily go hand-in-hand) to provide advice that benefit them, the client.

I respect clients that are hungry to know and have high expectations of me. I believe that the time when buyers will pay their agents is closer rather than further away.  How many broker's agents will be able to explain themselves well enough to be deserving of a paycheck from their buyer clients. I also feel that this current market, as buyers markets do, will filter out many of the pretenders of real estate and financing, creating a better market atmosphere for all. Be good, have fun and be productive.

edward Peterson, Broker


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