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Real Estate Agent with Teles Properties

Yes, the financial markets are scary.

No, Congress did not pass a bail out bill.

Yes, my clients, both buyers and sellers, are factoring in the current crisis when making their decisions to buy or sell. I had many in depth discussions about the news of the day.

But in every case, yesterday (4 decisions in all), the buyers decided that the decision to buy real estate is a sound long term decision and went forward with their purchases.

Why? Here's what I heard from these buyers:

  1. I plan to stay here 10 or 15 years. I know the value will go up in that time.
  2. The best deals are had when everyone else is scared.
  3. This investment suits my needs
  4. I love this house

I am not going to give you some Pollyanna drivel that the housing market is just fine. We are in a very troubled market and some people are going to get hurt.

What I am saying, however, is that no matter what, everyone has to live somewhere. No matter what, death, births, weddings and divorces, taxes, promotions and layoffs are going to happen. No matter what, some people need to buy and some people need to sell.

Opportunity is everywhere. Do you want to see it?