TxT2Sell Reports Track Leads to Maximize Home Sales

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TxT2Sell turns the ubiquitous "For Sale" sign into a powerful marketing tool. Have you ever wondered how many potential sales you've missed because the buyer didn't have a pen to copy down your number or the literature tube was empty or he gave up when your answering machine clicked on or he didn't want to hear a sales pitch? There are hundreds of reasons potential buyers don't follow up when they see a house they like. Imagine how many of those casual drive-bys you could turn into sales if you could just contact them. TxT2Sell gives you that marketing edge.


TxT2Sell's reporting system tracks every potential buyer so you never miss a lead. When you use TxT2Sell, our sign is displayed on the property alongside your agency sign. Without exiting his car, a potential buyer can text our contact number, type in the house code on the sign and instantly receive listing information and interior photos of the home. While still parked in front of the house, he can call you to schedule a personal tour. When you get a call, you're guaranteed of the caller's interest in the home. Displaying a TxT2Sell sign on the property allows you to make an instant connection with every potential buyer.




The TxT2Sell contact report provides you with a list of cell phone numbers of every person who texted in about a home so you can follow up every lead. Accessible via internet, reports are provided in comma delimited Excel format, allowing you to easily track leads and manipulate marketing data in Excel. Data can be used to evaluate sales activity, plot marketing strategies and formulate customer reports. Real estate agents and brokers may contact us for a free copy of a contact report. TxT2Sell gives you a significant marketing lead over your competitors.


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