Mobile Marketing for Realtors - More Info

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Thanks for the responses that I received in regards to Mobile Marketing for Realtors.  I did some additional research and Text Messaging & Mobile Marketing is going to be a driving force of future communications.  Ironically, I just received a notice today from m credit card Company and one of the blurbs of information on there is regarding sending me "text alerts & updates" if they have my mobile phone on file.

The greatest benefit of this service to Realtors is that is gives them an opportunity to be tech-savvy and appeal to the new generation of buyers & sellers.  Imagine the cost savings with being able to send out a text alert to your client base about a new listing instead of dropping big bucks to print up post cards and mail them out.

In regards to cost - it's a heck of a lot cheaper than any print advertising. The cost really depends on how many listings an agent has, but ballpark costs average about $75/month for 12 listings and $150/month for 36 listings.  The great thing is that the service also generates leads, so the value is phenomenal.

This service is definitely innovative - 10-12 years ago, many agents didn't think they would need a website or e-mail and look at the importance of that can't be in business without them.  I think this service is going to be the same - an absolute necessity.

Here is some more info on the service: