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Hello Active Rain community!

I'm going to get myself involved with this community to try to meet real estate professionals and encourage anyone and everyone to become a user of today's exciting and new virtual tours.  I happen to be a proponent of virtual tours for two very important reasons; first is simply because I have been working over the last two years to bring a great virtual tour product to the world called TourVista Virtual Tours; and second and more importantly because I want to improve the home shopping experience that we know how much the Internet is influencing each and every day.

There are many selections of virtual tours for you to choose from.  I'd recommend searching for one that fits your needs and budget and trying out a few to see which ones are:

  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • showcase properties in the best way and provide the most information
  • are flexible
  • actually help you market your homes online and not just simply create a tour
  • that you like

TourVista has a lot to offer such as fully interactive floor plans, the flexibility for you to use photos or video or both, an easy to use interface, a great Craigslist template, and we're free to use for the rest of 2008!  We're excited to be working on a free and premium version of our virtual tour for 2009, but for now we're letting anyone try it out at no cost.

We would love for your feedback and any comments you have for us.  Our goal in developing TourVista was to improve the home shopping experience and we want those selling homes to have the best tools out there to help them do just that!

I look forward to meeting more and more of the Active Rain community as I can tell through my experience here so far that the members here really are here to help each other.  I would love to provide a genuinely useful tool in TourVista that helps this community reach out to the consumer in the most effective way possible!


Jason Houghton


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