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Learning a lesson from a bunch of kids

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A couple of weeks ago i learned a lesson from a bunch of kids in our area. All the neighbors on our block get together at least once a week or so. Anyway during one of our nightly visits some of the neighborhoodkids were looking at a paper about a local shelter being closed down and they asked if they could do something to help. Well we all looked at each other and said we really didn't know how, but leave it to kids they had all kinds of ideas. After about 40 or so we finally settled on a lemonade stand where they would sell cookies hot dogsyou know all that kind of stuff. Well that weekend we helped set things up for the kids and they were all happy but we live on a cul-de-sac and there was not much traffic for them to sell there product. So one of the kids said well why don't we go door to door and try to sell stuff that way. So we said that that would be alright but not to expect to much because times are tough right now. Two hours later those kids came back and had sold everything but the kitchen sink.They gave the charity over $1000 dollars. So i guess when you set your mind to it you CAN DO ANYTHING!!