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Well, here I've been a member for months, thought about blogging, wondered what my magical "first post" should be. 

And along comes the "greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression".

And what does OUR "leadership" do?

Issues a statement of concern "The National Association of Realtors® is extremely disappointed in the actions of the U.S. House of Representatives today in failing to pass the Emergency Economic Stability Act of 2008."

Now, maybe I missed something - I could be in the wrong here.  But I sure don't remember anything coming across my email from NAR about WHY we should support this, or more importantly - what's in the bailout so I, as a Realtor, might decide for myself.  And in fact, I found out about our involvement when I read some online article discussing the Bailout, which concluded with the standard "despite lobbying efforts from NAR".


Here is what I have sent to Mary Trupo - I didn't see Dick Gaylord or our Gov't Affairs Liaison Robert Kulick's emails listed. Mary was listed as the point of contact from this article NAR Statement on Defeat of Economic Stability Act



Stop supporting this bill until you are prepared to speak to the actual facts of the bill with intelligence and understanding not only of what really "got us here", but HOW the proposed measures will WORK.  

I cannot fathom that anyone would speak for the NAR constituency as a whole on the largest "it" (there are several "largest" this qualifies for) ever in the history of our country WITHOUT seeking the studied and INFORMED input of its members first.  

You have plenty of capacity to inform us (email) when you want us to take legislative action, send us a daily email, etc.  So why not now?  

So, again - STOP supporting this action, stop ONCE AGAIN setting us up in a bad light - greedy, complicit, siding with Wall Street, etc.

I'm an ECON grad, a Bus Mgt-Finance grad, a former banker, and in touch with successful mortgage officers for a variety of banks and my stockbroker.  And NONE OF US understands "what" the bill will really do.

If you understand what would be done - or heck, what should be done - PLEASE let me know!



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Michele Reneau
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Bo-I don't agree with the bailouts, tax credits, and many other positions of the NAR whether they publish them to us or not. But since we have the tax credit, I will take advantage of them by helping as many buyers as possible.  I don't think anyone really knows whats in the bailout or any of the other bills up for passing and that is really a problem. 

Dec 21, 2009 04:11 AM