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The Equitable Plan - America's Only Alternative

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We are in interesting times. We are at a stage where something MUST be done in order to stabilize the financial markets. However, the current plan that is being debated really does not address the core issue. The sole factor to clearing up the credit markets is to STOP house prices from falling. When property values stabilize and start to rebound people can find more attractive options if they have a bad loan. If property values start increasing then the investor demand for MBS's (mortgage backed securities) will increase. That alone will help us to return to normalcy. Also, I don't think it is a bad thing that some of these financial firms go under due to the absolute lack of prudent underwriting standards. In fact, many banks deserve to choke on the loans they made because they simply never should have been made in the first place.

So, we have an alternative plan. Please let me know what you think about the following plan that was published in The Columbus Dispatch over the weekend before the Wall Street Bailout was voted down. If you agree with this please pass it on. If you disagree please voice your opinion.

Bottom line - we need a plan that helps communities accross the nation and not just two city blocks called Wall Street!


The Equitable Plan
America's Only Alternative

A new RTC, (Resolution Trust Corporations) is formed immediately. The RTC starts buying all residential, owner occupied Real Estate listings in America where the seller is buying another house. The purchase price is for 98% of current list price, (no negotiations) on a date prior to the announcement of this plan, let's say, September 26, 2008. My estimate is that less than 2.0 million homes will need to be bought before the trickle up effect is overpowering to the economy and the government can step aside. There are currently 4.2 million homes listed for sale in America. An incredible amount of jobs will be created immediately to all real estate related and un-related industries, because money will be injected into all levels of the economy and in all geographical areas of the country. 2 million homes times an average list price of $170,000 equals only 341 Billion Dollars.

The plan is flawless. Banks will start receiving payoffs, with back interest, fees and in many cases delinquent loans will be paid off. New loans will be applied for and the system will start healing itself as these old loan securities start shrinking because of the payoffs. American homeowners will now be able to move and buy new homes and invest some of the sales proceeds into the stock market and other investments. Businesses will flourish in that new housing items will be needed for these newly purchased homes. The trickle up effect will be enormous. The system will be random in that only people that had their homes listed for sale will receive an offer. However, new sellers will be invited back into the housing market in that homes would now be selling in their neighborhoods so appraisal comparable sales will now be available.

A bottom will be placed in the housing market and that is the main problem to begin with. The only people unhappy with this plan will be Wall Street executives that were hoping to cash in on the Paulson Plan. They must now wait for the trickle up effect to get to them, (role reversal). You can't find a single reason not to initiate this plan. The RTC would start selling the inventory homes as soon as possible, but at controlled prices not inflated prices that caused the bubble in the first place.

It is hard to believe that it is that simple, but I have yet to find a person that can find any single legitimate reason not to go with this plan. There is no vagueness about it. It addresses all areas that are needed to be addressed immediately. Creation of Jobs, Housing Market is bottomed, Bank's bad loan portfolios are shrunk as the payoffs come in and will continue to shrink as one home sale must create, at minimum another home sale, but in many cases it will create two and three home sales.

The Equitable Plan will be administered by the Treasury and won't need but a few hundred people hired to oversee the plan, sign the purchase contracts and follow up on the home closings. More jobs will be created as local people in each housing market will be hired to care for and sell the inventory homes. We can now move forward and start addressing the current oil crisis that besets us all, of which we have a solution for that too.

Bruce A. Calabrese - President, Equitable Mortgage Corporation

This plan is put forward by Equitable Mortgage Corporation, 3530 Snouffer Road, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43235. Phone: 800-424-1232.

Todd Bookspan, MBA
HomeStreet - Scottsdale, AZ
Senior Mortgage Consultant

Tony - interesting plan. I agree that home prices need to stabalize in order to stabalize the economy. (especially in places like AZ, NV,and FL where prices are down 28-30%).  It shouldn't be hard for the average person to understand that investors don't want to invest in MBS as they are backed by a depreciating asset in this market. 

Oct 01, 2008 01:53 AM