Suggestions for Green Web Hosting?

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Can anyone suggest a good, quality company for web hosting, that is at least 100% GREEN? Does anyone use an "enviornmentally friendly" host?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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Your Kidding

Green Webhosting?

So you can be a green realtor?

At Least 100% Green? can't be anymore green than 100%

Sure you could probably find a webhost that is in a colo facility using solar power

but what about when there isn't enough solar energy to power the server farm? well then you switch to backup generator which could run on biodiesel but it still outputs fumes from combustion

Pipe Dream

Being Green is a marketing gimick, don't be part of the gimick

Oct 01, 2008 05:22 PM
Shannon Elizabeth McInerney
DesigningReality - Dumfries, VA

Maybe you should Google yourself some intelligence next time before responding anonymously to my post to hide your stupidity.

Thank you for you post "Your Kidding". But it didn't really answer the question I asked. Can anyone else suggest anything they have used?



Oct 02, 2008 05:50 AM