Work Harder Too!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with eDrake

I have been a Realtor through buyer's markets and seller's markets but this is the first buyer's/money lenders market I have experienced. Buyers with good credit, job history and down payment money are still asked to jump higher when previously established lending criteria is met. Seems that the layers of bureaucracy run so deep in some institutions it is fruitless to even try to mark twain.

Remember when people worked harder rather than smarter? It seems that working smarter for some has gone from doing less to doing nothing and technology has given them their excuses; never got your email, didn't get your voice mail, I don't text, the dog ate my homework etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Technology has the capabilities to help people to work smarter but working harder seems to have been forgotten. What is old is new again; maybe working harder should not have been philosophically abandoned; this market requires it along with smarter and better professionals. Make the extra phone call, talk to those who should be speaking with others and get them talking to each other. After all it is our clients, the clients of realtors, bankers, attorneys and others that are expecting professionalism coupled with performance and leading to success.

The end game for all should be the success of the transaction. Working towards that end is how we stay in business and advance our business.   

ed Peterson, Broker

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