GoToMeeting, A Moral Obligation?

Services for Real Estate Pros with GoToMeeting

Are you concerned about reducing your carbon footprint? Are you finding that the price for traveling is rising sharply? Are you busy all of the time and struggle with meetings taking too much time out of your schedule?

If you answer yes to any of these then you need to look into web meetings software like GoToMeeting. Just think for a moment how much it costs to attend a meeting across town. There's the cost of gas, usually food and the time before and after the meeting wasted traveling. With a web meeting solution like GoToMeeting, you can sit down at your computer with a cup of coffee, join the meeting with all of your office at your disposal and it is really easy to quickly add someone into the meeting at the last minute instead of the logistics of getting them there which usually results in another meeting being scheduled.

If you have questions, just check out the other articles in this blog for information on how it works and how it compares to its competition.

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Dipali Matkar

Yeah, GoToMeeting is solid, no doubt about that. However, R-HUB is my preference now because it lets you brand your conferences however you want.

Sep 29, 2019 09:32 PM