Maine Waterfront Real Estate - It's Fryeburg Fair Time!

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Late summer and early fall brings with it the many agricultural fairs all over Maine. Here in the southern part of the state it starts in mid-summer with the North Waterford World's Fair, which is followed in September with the Cumberland Fair, the Common Ground Fair, and the Oxford County Fair.

All have their attractions and are great fun to go to, but the biggest and best of all - indeed, "Maine's Blue Ribbon Classic" - is the Fryeburg Fair, which opens tomorrow, September 28th, and closes next Sunday, October 5th.

What's your pleasure? Sheepdog trials and the Firemen's Muster kick things off tomorrow and begin a daily parade of fascinating displays of human and animal proficiencies the likes of which you will find no where else.

Monday is always Woodsmen's Day where the chips will be flying, sawdust spewing, and sweat dripping from the big and burly men (and women) who know how to handle axes, crosscut saws, and chainsaws.

Throughout the week you can find draft horses and oxen pulling sleds of concrete in competition, see beautiful show horses and ponys, and experience the excitement of the pig and calf scrambles, as well as tractor pulls and skillet throws.

Of course, what would a fair be without displays of mighty vegetables. See giant pumpkins and squash in abundance!

The best part, for me however, is just walking through the barns, where all the animals are kept when they're not competing. To be able to go from barn to barn and stall to stall  and see these magnificent animals up close - to scratch an steer's head or pat a llama, or to just stand next to an ox and get a true sense of their size and strength - all of this is so out of the ordinary for most of us that to experience it is truly remarkable.

If you have always thought about going, but just don't seem to get to it, think of taking a day off this week and make the trip to the Fair. It's well worth the effort and will provide many wonderful memories to share with friends and families.

For more information about the Fryeburg Fair, click here and go directly to their website.

By the way, for many people a trip to the Fair also provides an opportunity to take a look at some late-season lakefront property. We'd be happy to fit in a showing or two for you while you're up here. Check out the inventory by going to our Lakefront Locator.

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