Curb Appeal - Good Impression, Not a Lot of Cash!

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Take a good look at the front of your house.  You probably have a hard time seeing what others see because you are too close to be objective.  Walk across the street and take another look, pretending you are a visitor.

What people see when they pass by your house is their impression of the rest of your house.  A home that is clean and welcoming has curb appeal.   

Here are some common mistakes that are easily corrected and will make your house more appealing:

Trash cans.  Put the trash cans and recycle bins out of sight.  Put them in the garage or shed or at least behind the house.

Bikes, trikes and big wheels.  Establish a storage area for children's toys and make a point of putting away outside toys at the end of play time.

Eliminate the weeds.  Pull the weeds or hire someone to weed for you.  Mulch around the flowers and shrubs to discourage weed growth.  Weeds are clutter and detract from the appeal of your yard.

Cover bare ground.  A layer of mulch, nut hulls or whatever type of ground cover of your choosing dresses up the yard.

Squirrels, flags, ducks, geese and wagons.  One or two figurines may enhance the yard.  Excessive figurines detract from the natural beauty of the landscaping. 

Declutter the yard and parking area.  Throw away or establish a storage area for paint cans, bits of lumber, garden tools, kayaks, muddy shoes, old washing machines, dead Christmas trees, mattresses, brooms and water hoses.  (All these were noted during my walk this morning!)

Get rid of junk cars.   (Sorry to even mention this, but I saw two during my walk this morning.)

Trim the landscaping.  If the trees, shrubs and flowers have blocked the view of the house, consider taking some out.  Too much or overgrown landscaping can be unappealing.

Beryl Westby is an organizing consultant and the name of her business is No More Chaos  You can get a free Idea-Kit, filled with tips and ideas on organizing, a free newsletter and tips, articles and ideas to create order out of chaos by visiting her website at



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Margaret Oscilia
Creative Concepts-Home Staging and Contracting, Salem Oregon - Salem, OR
Home Stager, Salem Oregon

Hi Beryl!  These are some great tips!  It's so true that we don't look at homes objectively -- and by doing what you advise here the outside of any home can look so much better!  Thanks for sharing!

Oct 27, 2008 03:08 AM