Most first time buyers can still buy in Ohio with no money down.

Real Estate Sales Representative with Key Realty 2005015528

Well October 1st has come and gone. Everyone was wondering how this monumental day would affect real estate. You may recall that as of October 1, 2008 there are no more seller assisted down payment programs. In my experience this past year most buyers who needed this assistance were first time home buyers. Did you know if you are a first time buyer and make under $61,000 a year that you qualify for grant money from the state of Ohio for your down payment? The best part is you don't have to pay it back. We can still ask the seller to pay your closing costs. Rates are good, houses are everywhere and the prices are right!! What are you waiting for. Now is the time to buy.

On a completely unrelated note has anyone discovered Costco. I LOVE that store. Raising 3 hungry boys that store has been my best friend. They have great food, great prices, and it is centrally located. Gas is only $3.22 a gallon there today! Wahoo.

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