You know you can put lipstick on a bad Realtor. It's still a bad Realtor

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"You know you can put lipstick on a bad Realtor. It's still a bad Realtor"


Hello AR! It has been a little while since I last blogged, but I am back and would love to share my most recent experience.

As Realtors we have all dealt with opposing agents, some of which are pleasant and some that should never have been issued a real estate license. You know what exactly what I am talking about! Any way, I recently encountered a listing agent who honestly had no idea what she was doing. Don't you just love those transactions where you are doing ALL the work for the listing agent to ensure that the transaction closes for YOUR client? This particular agent was an extremely nice person and was always bright and bubbly when we spoke, but that did not hide the fact that her skill level was amatuer at best. I thought to myself "why on earth would a seller hire such a terrible Realtor if they are interested in getting their home SOLD?" Regardless of how sweet and sincere she may sound on the phone, that is not going to get the house sold. The listing was on the market for an extremely long time and experienced a huge price reduction before my buyer took interest, but we finally closed (thank god).

I finally had the opportunity of meeting the agent when I went to pick up the keys. It was at that moment that I came to a conclusion as to why she may have been hired. The one thing she had going for her was that she was VERY attractive and wore a darker shade of red lipstick. It was the lipstick that immediately reminded of the comment Barack Obama made when referring to John McCain's economic policies(even though we all know he was talking about Palin). I chuckled to myself and thought "you can put lipstick on a bad Realtor, but it's still a bad Realtor".

Happy Friday everybody!


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Lanette Branch
RE/MAX Components - Fallston, MD
Bel Air, MD Real Estate Agent

HaHaHa...great analogy for this situation.

Keep doing what you do, Peter, and Happy Friday back at ya.

Oct 03, 2008 05:08 AM
Lori Isaacson
Credit Restoration Consultants - Plantation, FL

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the lighthearted way of looking at this sad situation. It is so sad that in this day and age one would still be hired because of looks and not skills. I actually thought that may be a thing of the past. Opps I guess I am too hopeful and maybe even a bit naive. Happy Friday to you!!

Lori Isaacson

Oct 03, 2008 05:09 AM
Dinah Lee Griffey
Windermere Peninsula Properties - Allyn, WA
Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties

Sometimes they are new, and sometimes they are men as well. I have had a property I was aggressively marketing turned over to a male real estate agent- who did nothing. The clients hung on his every word. I wish him luck, but I think it will take more than luck, and arrogance to close a deal.

Oct 03, 2008 05:09 AM
Toni M. Rose
Prudential C. Dan Joyner Realtors - Easley, SC
Easley SC Real Estate

Unfortunately I do know what your talking about, but sex sells in every business, even ours. If everyone hired an agent based on results, integrity and knowledge, there'd be ALOT less Realtors. Good post!

Oct 03, 2008 05:10 AM
John March
Charisma Media Group, LLC - Bluffton, SC
"Engage, connect, prosper" (Matt 6:33)

Hmmm, I've met some of these lipstick-wearing types, but they are not usually "nice and sweet"



Oct 03, 2008 05:11 AM
Brian Burke
Kenna Real Estate - Lone Tree, CO
Broker & Advising Expert-Denver Luxury Real Estate

Wonder if duck tape would work better LOL. Nayh, probably still the same results. ~Rita

Oct 03, 2008 05:16 AM
Audrey June-Forshey
RE/MAX Realty Services - Darnestown, MD
GRI, Gaithersburg, MD

Peter,  I got every shade of red lipstick there is, bring it on.  LOL.  Believe me there are some male agents that wear lots of lipstick too ;0)

Oct 03, 2008 05:19 AM
Peter Mann
Keller Williams Realty - Bellevue, WA
Peter Mann Seattle-Bellevue Real Estate Agent

Thank you Lanette, Lori, Dinah, Toni and John for your responses :-) I really appreciate it! You know, she could have been a friend, neighbor, church member, etc but for some reason that did not cross my mind for a second. I am a happily married man, but you cannot help but notice when a woman is exceptionally beautiful. If only looks could sell (houses I mean) :-)

Oct 03, 2008 05:20 AM
Rebecca Schrader
Competitive Insurance of Dundee - Dundee, FL

Peter, Glad it all worked out for ya!...I have had some experiences like that but at the moment...I can't really recall...them...let me go find some and I'll "get back to ya!" lol (Reminds me, I'm almost out of my favorite shade of lipstick: FLAME RED!!!) Great post Peter...don't stay away...I like your posts...!!!

Oct 03, 2008 05:22 AM
Peter Mann
Keller Williams Realty - Bellevue, WA
Peter Mann Seattle-Bellevue Real Estate Agent

Thank you for the responses Rita and Audrey :-) Hooray for lipstick!

Oct 03, 2008 05:26 AM
Peter Mann
Keller Williams Realty - Bellevue, WA
Peter Mann Seattle-Bellevue Real Estate Agent

Thank you for the response Rebecca. Flame red huh? Do you get a lot of comments? :-)

Oct 03, 2008 05:29 AM