Still Growing and Selling

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Vernal, Utah is growing and experiencing a good market.  Buyers are coming in and calling to find homes.

We have the energy business here and  all the reports I read  speak of  nothing but progress and expansion plans.

We have new construction for business' and  the new college campus taking shape.  Everything is busy and I am optimistic.

If we can keep the loans coming for our good buyers and enough affordable houses for them to choose from we will be doing great.

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Julie Kippen
Vernal, UT

With so many people living in motels, and several more motels being built, we certainly need the loans. I am glad to see the bill passed.

I see they added the mental heath parity to the bill so it would get passed this year. Just noticed that since I am  Social Worker as well as a Realtor.

Oct 03, 2008 08:34 AM