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I couldn't sleep last night! Why you may ask? I was thinking about everything that I have been doing wrong and what was I going to do to make a difference in my Community. So this week I attended a Gardner Chamber meeting and everyone was so out going, it was a high energy atmosphere. Maybe all the negative things attacked me and I just felt like it was the end of the world with all these am stations I listen to repeating where facing a recession, etc, etc,. pass the bill, stock is going down, war..etc...etc.....

In 1982 we faced a ressicion I was only a year old so I really have no knowledge if this is what we are encountering now. My parents lived in a small two bedroom house with my two brothers and me. Times where tough for my parents being immigrants from Sicily(Green card's and all). My father had just started a small business that within the next 2 years boomed. His American dream happened. He believed in America and the people. And America believed in the people! Something many of us have forgotten today. Morals, manners, society, technology, divorce....we are folding.

So, I vision a better future for myself. I vision a better future for the people I represent. Even though I can't always please everyone. This job can make you feel like it's the end but, at the end of the day I have a rainbow to go home to. I have a dream which some visionaries lack, or they allow greed then matter happen. Maybe that's what I am feeling about Washington. We need new and out with the old.

What I really want to come across out loud  and say is that we need to slow down as Americans and take control by being involved in our Communities.

Your neighbor is about to foreclosure did you encourage them to give them the name of a Realtor who help you?                                                                                                                                    Did you let your co-workers know that there is a home for sale in your neighborhood?                       What are you doing to make a difference in your Community?                                                           Did you tell your kids that you love them? What can you do? or what haven't you done?

We can make a difference we don't need Washington to approve this message. Stop watching!............ I know what I need to do. We can rid foreclosures! but, community involvement is needed. We can clean neighborhoods, we do make a difference in the Communities when we are the ones selling. This isn't about a check anymore this is WE CAN! that gives us the right. You think a bail out is our answer. Nope, we need to rebuild......we need structure staring where you pay your taxes.

Be apart of WE CAN! and tell yourself I CAN! everyday!!!!

Thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts In the mind of a Leone.

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