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I recently had a showing with some buyers on a rural property with land. The listing agent was not a part of our local MLS and requested to be present at the showing.

This is not something that is typical in our area, but I appreciated it because I do not specialize in land sales and this agent did. He was able to show the buyers the property lines and point out highpoints I would not have recognized.

What I did not appreciate was that the sellers also insisted on being home during the showing. From the moment we arrived, the seller followed us to each room. I can see some reasons the seller might want to be present (immediate feedback, security concerns) but I think its our job as Realtors to encourage them to take a drive.

The buyers were not able to be honest with me in each area about things they liked or disliked. They felt they had to sugar-coat every comment so as not to offend the homeowner. They hurried through each room and didn't pay attention to details. But the main thing they could not do is picture themselves living in this house, because they were only focused on the person already living there.

I did talk with the agent later and expressed my concerns about the showing. He had previously suggested to the sellers that they leave during showings but they felt differently.

This showing ended with no sale...

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Mara Hawks
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This is so important for Sellers to understand, and you explained it so well. Thanks for posting this!

Feb 06, 2009 11:14 PM