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A lot of people in our Biz are not properly trained.  It is much too easy to get into our business and agents,  especially part timers are not held to any standard.  There are offices in our area where there are 200+ agents,  most of which have full time jobs.   Even if their office offerred training,  when would they attend.

In California,  you can even get a brokers license and open an office without any experience if you have a college degree.  This was intended to take the industry out of a blue collar mode.  Well it didn't.  In fact,  most of the new offices which opened without experience were various ethnic offices.  The brokers know little and the agents know even less.  I know this may sound racist to some but I sit on a lot of Ethics hearing panels and I feel sorry for some of the agents.  The came into the biz and never learned anything because they were never told what was expected.

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June Lewis
Northwood Realty Services - New Castle, PA
Realtor Northwood Realty - New Castle,Pa Lawrence Co 7247304571

I agree bad training or no training is rappant in the industry, even Realtors who are to abide by the code of ethics at times do not.  Why brokers would hire untrained agents and be responsible for the inaccuracies in what they say and do is beyond me.  Those agents could cast  not only a negative image but cause massive liability problems.

Oct 03, 2008 11:19 AM
Jeff Payne
The Payne Group at Keller Williams Success Realty - Panama City, FL
Panama City Real Estate

I have blogged about this before.  Too easy to get a license and too easy to keep it.  The agents who do not work full time should have to disclose to sellers that they dont work full time. This business could use an enema

Oct 03, 2008 11:32 AM
Jeffrey Markell
Markor Mortgage, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA

Guy, I couldn't agree more on the ease of licensing in California. I've had my license since 1996 and at that time, my dog could have passed the test with 3 paws tied behind her back. Thank goodness they made the test more difficult now. One of the reasons I was inspired to get my Brokers License was in a class I was teaching, I had 2 students that were Brokers and had never done a real estate or loan transaction. It bothered me that they "outranked" me by license and couldn't perform my job. Once someone passes their test, they need to go to work in an environment that offers continuous training. Whether you're selling homes or doing loans, you don't just show up one day and know what you are doing. I'm also in favor of strict National Licensing standards so we can add a higher level of integrity in our business.

Oct 03, 2008 11:58 AM
Joanna Quan
Keller Williams Realty - Alamo, CA
Realtor, SRES, Notary

I am newly licensed and can attest to feeling unprepared and untrained to go out and call myself a "Realtor".  I had first joined one of the brokerages that Guy mentioned, but I don't know if ethnicity has anything to do with it.  I'm sure there are people of ALL races who got their brokerage licenses without the experience that should be necessary. 

Because of the lack of training, I changed brokerages to Keller Williams which has a documented training program and mentorship program.  I can't tell you what a great relief it is to me that if I have a lead, I won't be walking alone.

Oct 04, 2008 02:36 AM