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The Silence is Deafing!

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How could I have possibly left the house without my cell phone---everyone who spends anytime around me knows I may----should I say probably will leave my purse in your home, office, car...fill in the blank----but I always have my cell phone in my hand.

I have never quite understood the Realtorsthat ha ve those great messages ---- "I return my messages between the hours of three and four"----!! I know that are great trainers that preach that and the ---"I am not available on the weekends but will be available Monday thru Friday and again, I will return all of my calls between three and four." I also know this is a great idea to give an impression of a very professional business person but luckily for me, I have developed a great sphere of influence clientele. They know I will be thrilled to hear from them---about real estate or otherwise.

Anyway I am having withdrawal symptoms all during ham and sweet potato casserole---we were lucky enough to be invited to my cousin's (part of the very, very small contingent of Californian cousins, not to be mistaken with the very, very, very large contingent of the Texas cousins) who lives in an amazing home in Romona amonst the rolling hills (Can't take the Realtor out of the Realtor-even on holidays). Made it back home, opened the door, just in time to grab my ringing cell phone. An out of area Realtor wanting to talk to me about putting an offer on a great short sale home that I have listed. See---told you---maybe I should just have it chained to my arm. Think there is a support group for people like me that really don't want to be cured? I do think I need, maybe, at least some help!