Changing Location/Adjust and Adapt

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Adventure Realty

Throughout our live we ware going to be facing many changes in our lives. Every life is in a constant state of change. Some changes are more dramatic than others. To survivre these constant changes we must adjust and adapt (like the Marines). So it is in real estate. Recently I sold my real estate company in Lexington, KY and made a move down to Pigeon Forge, TN. To say the least I have found, even though the 2 states are connected, there are a world of differences relating to real estate. In Lexington we dealt mostly with permenant housing-in Pigeon Forge we deal mostly in vacation cabins and some permenant homes. Adjust and adapt. 

Because we are in a resort area we are finding that , because of the markets such as Florida, a lot of our buyers want to steal the properties. This area is not as depressed as some of the othere areas. We find that it is taking more time and education with the clients to close the deal. Adjust and adapt.

I found that it has taken about 2 months just to master the difference in terminaology and to learn the area with the area being the easier of the 2 adjustments.

I have found that the change has been great and I truly enjoy doing new things and learning new ideas. I have also found that the agents here also enjoy learning what I bring to the table in education and sales techniques.

                                                We all have had to Adjust and Adapt

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