What Can I Do To Sell My House?

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Selling a house can be stressful and emotional at the best of times, but in today's marketplace, those emotions are exacerbated. Before a property is even listed, it is CRUCIAL that the home be in "showcase condition" or it will not stand a chance against the competition. With so many well priced, lovely homes on the market, why would a home buyer even consider purchasing a home that is dirty, needs painting, has old carpet, or is bejeweled with mirrors on the family room wall that were fashionable in the late 70's? What is the answer? Plain and simple...........education!        And the class?  Staging 101!

Conscientious Realtors will discuss Staging with most if not all of their sellers. They may suggest a Staging consultation, or if the listing is vacant, they will propose that the house be Staged in order to help perspective home buyers envision themselves living there. In many cases though, these suggestions are rebuffed for many reasons. One obvious reason of course is cost. Homeowners don't realize that Staging is an investment in the sale of their property - all they can think about is how much money they are paying in real estate commissions. But another and more likely reason is that most home sellers cannot be objective when it comes to the sale of their beloved home.It's easy to see why, after all, this is the house that they brought their beautiful children home to. Why, just look at those marks on the laundry room wall that marked Johnny and Jane's growth pattern every year for the past five years?  The sad and cold truth is, that Mr. and Mrs. Homebuyer don't care about any of that.... they just want a house that they can move into without repainting, repairing, or renovating. A home Stager will educate a home seller as to the importance of de-personalizing and neutralizing the decor of a home BEFORE it is listed. Experienced Stagers are knowledgeable and very tactful, yet extremely persuasive.

If sellers can't afford to pay a Home Staging professional for a Staging consultation, there are plenty of sites on the internet that can give them valuable information and help them make educated decisions regarding the sale of their home.  Statistics prove that Staging works and if home sellers' don't want to be left behind, Staging is a valuable marketing tool that they need to implement.

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Cathy Lee
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Excellent, well written post! 

Oct 08, 2008 06:20 AM