Big Corporate Brokers vs. Independent Firms

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Carlmont Associates

This Podcast delves into the Frequently Unasked Question, "What's the difference between large brokerage firms and smaller independent firms?" We discuss several important differences that most people would never know to ask.

If you are considering selling your home you’ve no doubt driven around to see what real estate signs are in your area. Big corporate broker signs are everywhere due to the large volume of agents they employ, but what are you getting when you hire an agent from a big branded firm, substance or brand image? More importantly, what might you be missing?

Listen to our Podcast as we ask and answer some important questions.

For example, are you aware:Unasked3_4

1)      Most large corporate firms control the fess their agents charge and why negotiating a good commission rate may be harder than you think?

2)      Often buyers calling on your home’s ads are directed to new agents who have never seen your home?

3)      Why your ad may not appear in the newspaper at all!

Thanks for tuning in!

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