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What Does a Home Inspector Look For? Part One

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This is the first in a series of what I look for when inspecting a home.  Keep in mind, here in Texas, we are governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and must use their Standards of Practice.  Since these are really just the "minimum standards", I try to go above and beyond in several areas.  So let's get started.

The walk to the front door....

As I get out of my truck, I begin looking at the grading of the home.  What I want to know is:  which way does the water flow?  Does it flow toward the home or away?  Are there low spots close to the foundation?  Are there low spots that make walking along the sidewalk incovenient (and soggy)?

I also get an overall view of the roofing.  Many times I can see that a roof has been previously repaired by noticing the slight shading differences of the shingles (or sometimes it's very blatant).

The closer I get to the home I begin looking at the siding or veneer for cracking, settling and any obvious signs of damage or disrepair.  I look at the flower beds for cleanliness.  Many times I am able to tell how well a home is kept by the appearance of the flower beds.

As I stand at the front door, I take in the door and any windows - again looking for obvious signs.  Then I ring the door bell...

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