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How will home improvements affect the value of my home in today's declining market?  This is a good question and well worth your careful consideration if you are planning to make improvements to sell your home.  One question to ask when determining the value of a home improvement project is, "Would the average purchaser complete the project when they buy a home of this type in this location?"  If the answer is yes, then chances are you will recover the cost.  If not, then you are not increasing the value by completing the project.


Consider the area the home is located in.  For example, a nice in-ground pool with a surrounding deck is not a good investment if your home is located in an area where the summer season is very short.  A sunroom or gazebo with a hot-tub is not a good idea if your home is located in a lower to middle class neighborhood of homes where people typically do not enjoy this type of luxury.


Some improvements will not generate the return of the cost in added value to your home.  Of course, they could add to the enjoyment your home provides to you and your family if you plan to stay in your home for 5 - 10 years and you can afford to make the improvements.  If you really like the idea of a gazebo and hot tub and the yard is large enough to accommodate, then why not?  If you can afford it and you will be content with only a 50% return on the investment in exchange for the years of enjoyment, then perhaps this will be money well spent.


Here is a list of repairs and improvements and the estimated amount of return you can expect:


Interior/exterior paint                                   70 - 300%

New flooring/carpet                                     70 - 300%

Kitchen and Bath remodeling                   50 - 300%

Addition to home                                         40 - 60%

New heating/Central Air                             50%

Bathroom Addition                                      75 - 100%

Finished Basement                                     55%

Landscaping, sprinklers                             50%

Patio or deck                                                 50%

Replacement windows                               30%

New siding                                                    65%

Energy efficient items                                 30%

Swimming pool                                            50%

Garage                                                           75 - 100%


The potential return for these investments is determined by how they fit into the neighborhood.  A lower to middle class neighborhood is not the place to invest in expensive landscaping or a swimming pool.  The potential buyer cannot afford to buy or maintain this type of improvement.  Also consider the need for the improvement.  If the kitchen and bathrooms are clean and functional, but you just don't like the colors, then your return will be minimized.  If the toilet is broken and the shower enclosure is old and moldy, then by all means, repair, replace and remodel.  Use common sense; consider need and location when deciding on home improvement projects to do.


This article was written by Keith Paul of HandyPro Handyman Services.  HandyPro offers a home seller program, where they do the cosmetic repairs and you don't pay until you sell your home.   Their pre-screened contractors are licensed and bonded, and customer friendly.  They guarantee customer satisfaction with quality work and they clean up when the job is complete.  .  http://www.handypro.com services Southeast Michigan, Plymouth, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Canton, Northville, Novi, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, Dearborn, Southfield, Royal Oak, Troy and neighboring cities and communities.





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