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There are many types of glues and adhesives for a multitude of repairs, including wood glues, one-part and two-part epoxies, hot melt adhesives, contact cements and more.  The wide variety of glues and adhesives serve the purpose of joining different types of material.  Some projects require a quick, strong set where, with others, a slower setting time is optimal for repositioning and adjustments.   Here, I will share tips on using other products as an adhesive.


Auto Body Filler


Believe it or not, auto body filler is a great for a variety of wood gluing and other repairs.  It's an excellent wood filler and adhesive; it is waterproof, weatherproof, it sets up quickly, bonds well and can be routed or sanded cleanly.   It's a great time saver because it can be applied, sanded and painted within an hour of application. 


As auto body filler sets, it gradually gets firmer and much harder than the materials you are bonding, so be sure to check it often and sand it smooth before it becomes too hard, or you will never get it smooth and flush.  It is easy to cut or use a planer during earlier stages of setting, but becomes unworkable once it is completely set.  Of course it's no problem to use power tools like a drill or saw when it reaches full hardness. 


Auto body filler sticks well to itself, so you can add more to your patch if you need another coat to fill imperfections from the first coat.  You can also use other wood or wall patching materials to create a smooth surface.  There are also thinner auto body products for the final coat.


Use wood chips when filling large holes to reduce the amount of filler needed.  Use screws to strengthen the repair and keep the filler in place, making sure screw heads are at least 1/8" beneath the surface filler.


Minwax is a high performance wood filler that is almost identical to auto body filler, but it is a light brown wood tone.  It comes in smaller quantities and cost more, but it is convenient for smaller projects.  For larger jobs, you can save money by using auto body filler.


Household Caulk


In some cases household caulk, including silicone, latex and polyurethane can be used as a waterproof adhesive.  They are flexible, allowing movement for adjusting clamps and repositioning materials to be fastened, yet still maintaining an excellent waterproof seal for tubs, showers, or windows. 


Be sure to use enough for a waterproof seal; do not spread too thin.  Unlike wood glue, caulk is not designed to be applied thin.  Most caulk does not set hard and bond firm, so it is not appropriate for all projects.  Some caulks are only intended to be used as caulks.  Check the label; if it doesn't say "adhesive caulk" it is most likely not to be used as an adhesive.


There is nothing wrong with being creative and innovative to save a trip to the store when you're already in the middle of a project, but use common sense and be careful.  Many products are for single uses only and should not be substituted.  Be sure to read labels and use caution when using any type of adhesive product.   Some adhesives can be caustic when used with the wrong materials; others may emit harmful fumes and require proper ventilation or wearing a protective mask. 


This article was written by Aaron Abbott of HandyPro Handyman Services.  HandyPro specializes in home repairs and seasonal home maintenance projects.  They can handle small repairs or do large remodeling jobs.   Their pre-screened contractors are licensed and bonded, experienced and customer friendly.  Always striving for 100% customer satisfaction, they do quality work and clean up when the job is complete.  http://www.handypro.com services Dallas Texas, Carrollton, Richardson, Garland, Rowlett, Mesquite, Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, Duncanville, Desoto, Lancaster, Seagoville and neighboring cities and communities.


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Betina Foreman
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What great tips. I never would have thought about using Bondo for a wood project. I am amazed that this works. Thanks for the post!


Oct 05, 2008 02:24 AM