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I am a fairly new agent with just under two years under by belt.   I just had another new agent call me to tell me about a listing that was just two houses away from his personal residence.    It is a very nice house in the price range of one of my clients.   As we were talking he told me about his frustration with the person who had listed the house.   He knows the seller and visits with them often.  It's not like they are not aware that he is a real estate agent as the seller recently asked him how the real estate was going.    He was very upset and couldn't figure out why the seller when with another realtor who has been in the business for many years.  This realtor still operates in the "old" ways and doesn't hardly take pictures at all nor does he belong to both the local MLS systems as we do.  

Now I know that you have to be very carefully ethically about not saying anything negative about another realtor but why can't he just ask the seller what made her choose the other realtor over him.    It is getting very frustrating for both of us as we know we can give more marketing options.  We are part of a very well known branded company and are just at wits end as to how to pick up clients that we know will be better served.   I realize that there is lots to be said for experience and I certainly don't begrudge this very successful realtor who has had years in the business but when people from your sphere choose them over you it is very frustrating.   We have both had listings in our communtiy and been successful so it is not a matter of not being able to follow through.  

Guess we just have to "pay our dues" and keep at it.   I have been told since I started being a realtor that you will get your feelings hurt by people you least expected not to choose you but it still hurts.   You just want to ask them why! Course you can't do that.   You just have to buck up and keep at it.  

I know, whine, whine, whine.   It will get better, just gotta hang in there.  

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Angie Ridley
Complete Realty, LLC - Flint, MI
Broker, ABR, CRS, PMN, WCR, At Home With Diversity

As long as he discloses he is not attempting to take the listing or solicit the homeowner, there is nothing wrong with asking why.  I would only do this if know the person personally, other wise you could end up looking like a pushy whiner.

Tough step, if he or you are comformtable to ask, then ask.

Oct 05, 2008 11:44 AM
Carolyn Heilman
Century 21 Premier Realty - New Franklin, MO

Thanks for the advise.   I think the other realtor know the seller well enough to ask the question.  I would be curious to hear the answer though if he gets one.  


Oct 06, 2008 02:18 AM