Is Parade Magazine Demonizing the Real Estate Agent?

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My wife brought to my attention this Easter Sunday, that Parade Magazine had a piece on Real Estate Agents.  The piece was entitled: The 5 Biggest Real Estate Myths.  Of course I was curious to read about the myths that I and 'my industry' were perpetuating.  Not necessarily in this order or word for word, but this is the 'red meat' (no offense to vegans and other vegetarians of course) of these 5 myths:

  1. Agents suggest, as seen in NAR's awareness-marketing campaign, that only a licensed real estate agent is capable of selling your home.  The piece goes on to site the fact that 15% of the homes for sale are by FSBO's.  Interesting that they don't comment on the percentage of FSBO's that wind up selling through a broker. got a good plug though.
  2. Agents will tell you that they will work to maximize the selling price and point to the fact that their commission is tied to what they help get for the home.  The writer suggests possible deception as well as uses that math that is simply incorrect to support her argument.
  3. Agents suggest your home should be staged if it is to sell.  I personally know very few agents who will suggest this.  What we will suggest, and in fact recommend, is that clutter is taken care of before any showing of the home.  This iss a very different message than "a home must be staged".
  4. You will not be able to get a home if your FICO score is not high (enough).  Since when did we ever become lenders or dissuade someone from pursuing a mortgage?
  5. ???

I honestly can't even remember the last 'myth'.  I do remember, however, that it can be more appropriately categorized as 'banking-related' as opposed to real estate related.  This article totally incenses me.  I guess it's a sign of the times.  When the market was red hot, real estate agents and the industry were glorified through shows like 'sell this house', 'Design on a Dime', etc.  Now that there's not as much excitement surrounding the market, we see [not so nice word] like this coming forth.   With a circulation of 32 million and a readership of 74 mil, i would think they would be a bit more responsible about the information they put forth.  Then again, i don't know if this is typical of this particular source as I am generally not one of their 'readers'.

Anyone else see that piece?  It is scheduled to made available in it's entirety on the web-site tomorrow.  I'm curious to see that the response is.

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David Smith
Fillmore Realty - Brooklyn, NY
I will update/revise the above content if there are inaccuracies once Parade makes the actual content available on-line, however, as the information is paraphrased, the content is pretty close to what was printed.
Apr 09, 2007 05:20 AM
Sarah Cooper
Real Estate Shows - Hurricane, WV
Hi, David!  I didn't see the article so I'm glad you gave your take of it here.  We do get some bad press sometimes, I'm glad you took the time to set things straight and get your opinion out there. 
Apr 09, 2007 05:27 AM
David Spencer
Keller Williams Northland - Kansas City, MO
Show Me real estate in Kansas City
I read that article, and your right. The writer had taken some liberties with opinion vs. fact. Apparently the author had a hard time selling some real estate, and decided it was the agents fault.
Apr 09, 2007 05:34 AM
R. B. "Bob" Mitchell - Loan Officer Raleigh/Durham
Bank of England (NMLS#418481) - Raleigh, NC
Bob Mitchell (NMLS#1046286)'s PR firm must be working overtime! There were a few articles on MSN's real estate section that I honestly thought were paid advertisements!  So much so that I wrote the author an email asking her if there was any connection between her and them.  She told me no, that there was not.

I've got a theory that the news media is actually pretty lazy and that they tend to write the same story over and over until people get sick of it, then they look around for another dead horse to beat.

That said, it's time for our association to step up to the plate and get some good news about agents put out there!



R.B. "Bob" Mitchell

ValueList Real Estate Services, Inc. 

Apr 09, 2007 05:39 AM
Wayne McMullan
Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty - Belleville, ON
Quinte Real Estate
David, I hope you write a quick letter to the editor of Parade informing them of the inaccurracies in their article. I find most reputable papers/magazine will publish well written informative letters to the editor that don't trash the publication.
Apr 09, 2007 05:59 AM
David Smith
Fillmore Realty - Brooklyn, NY

Sarah,  I always find interesting the image that some people have of real estate agents.  Though there have been some 'rotten apples' that I have known in my time, by far, most agents I have known personally and have had to work with are worth a referral to others (that is if i wasn't one  The image thing we have to vigilantly combat.

David S-  "Apparently the author had a hard time selling some real estate, and decided it was the agents fault."  LOL... Your comment, 'opinion vs. fact' surmises it nicely.

 Bob- 'the news media is actually pretty lazy'.  This piece is a glaring example of poor work.  It appeared to be an effortless bit of information slapped together and fed to the consumer.  I find that it is getting harder at times to distinguish 'paid advertising' from information free and clear of conflicts of interest


Wayne-  Great idea.  Perhaps when I can control myself and refrain a bit from the 'blogosphere' and reallocate some of my  Serious though, I've experienced first-hand how sending in those letters can make a huge difference.

Apr 09, 2007 06:25 AM
Bryant Tutas
Tutas Towne Realty, Inc and Garden Views Realty, LLC - Winter Garden, FL
Selling Florida one home at a time
David, I also read this article. Very anti REALTOR(R) and not information that would help the consumer in anyway. FICO score doesn't matter? What world are they in.
Apr 09, 2007 10:13 AM
David Smith
Fillmore Realty - Brooklyn, NY
I was left feeling like someone wanted to pump out a piece in haste so as to be able to depart for their vacation...without regard for quality or accuracy.  I'm curious to see what the comments on their web-site will be once the full text is published.  Anti-Realtor(R) indeed.
Apr 09, 2007 12:34 PM
David Smith
Fillmore Realty - Brooklyn, NY

For those interested, the entire text is now posted.  IMO, not worth the cyber-space real estate much less the print in the papers where I originally came across it.

Biggest Real Estate Myths 

Apr 10, 2007 02:46 PM